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This page is currently under development and will be updated with further information in due course.

Geography provides an insight into the wonders of the human and physical world.

At Fulbrook we aim to educate students on current world issues, such as climate change, plastics in the ocean and poverty, equipping them with the skills to problem solve and enquire about the world in which they live. They will gain knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes and the interrelationships that connect them all. We aim to broaden their horizons beyond their local place and space, developing the skills that will allow students to investigate (through fieldwork) and navigate challenging situations thinking sustainably for the future.

Students primarily develop:

  • a knowledge and understanding of the similarities and differences between places;
  • a factual knowledge of the location of major features on a local, national and global scale;
  • a sense of responsibility for the environment, creating global citizens;
  • the ability to question, reason and form opinions;
  • begin to think critically, connecting ideas, concepts and situations;

 To achieve this, the schemes place emphasis upon:

  • learning skills, particularly in the use of maps, fieldwork and secondary sources of information including basic GIS;
  • using case studies to compare contrasting localities e.g. in the developed and developing world;
  • understanding physical and human processes and environmental issues;

Put simply, in Geography we aim to create an understanding and curiosity about the world we live in that will stay with students for the rest of their life.

This page is currently under development and will be updated in due course.