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GCSE Media Studies


Media Studies is delivered over two years at Key Stage 4 and taught to students for five hours per fortnight. Students follow the AQA GCSE Media Studies course.


The qualification is linear, so students will sit all their exams at the end of the course.

Students will study the four area of the Theoretical Framework;

  • Media Language
  • Media Representation
  • Media Audiences
  • Media Industries

They will relate their understanding of this to close study products set by the exam board annually.

Key Concepts

Success in Media Studies is derived from a student’s ability to apply their understanding of a vast range of media theories and concepts to media products. They will be expected to decode and interpret media through a range of given methods. Media Language and relevant subject specific terminology must be used in order to access the higher band marks.

Year 10

Students will be introduced to Media Studies and the structure of the course, what Media is, how it is used and where it is relevant to them.

Through the Autumn and Spring Term we explore the four areas of the Theoretical Framework in detail, with an opportunity to explore the practical NEA unit with a Christmas themed campaign at the end of the Autumn term.

During the Summer Term the close study products will be introduced and studied in detail.

Year 11

Autumn 1 will focus on revisiting and continuing deeper study of the close study products.

In Autumn 2 the NEA practical unit will begin.

During the Spring term all NEA work must be submitted for teacher moderation.

Spring term will focus on revising and revisiting all close study products in preparation for the final exam during the Summer Term.

GCSE Media Studies Information Sheet

Click to download our GCSE Media Studies Information Sheet 

Media Studies GCSE Learning Journey 

Media Studies GCSE Learning Journey