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Fulbrook School

Vision, Values and Ethos

Fulbrook’s Vision

At the heart of the local community, Fulbrook’s vision is that every single young person who joins our school is offered all the opportunities to Learn, Experience and Achieve what they need and want, to build a fulfilled life.


At Fulbrook, everyone is encouraged and inspired to learn together – students, teachers, parents, carers and surrounding schools.

 We do this through:

  • A focus on the individual needs of all students, whatever their abilities or backgrounds;

  • The highest quality learning and teaching methods, leading to excellent academic outcomes of our young people;

  • A broad and bespoke range of subjects and extra-curricular opportunities that are inspiring and tailored to the needs of students and their lives;

  • Regular opportunities for dialogue between staff, students, their families and our partnership of schools, to influence the learning of all involved;

  • Up-to-date facilities, including four science laboratories, a sports hall, a drama studio and a suite of music rooms, with outdoor spaces focused on nature and the environment;

  • Learning through doing, including time throughout the day for clubs, societies and extra classes, as well as learning experiences offered by and with local people and organisations.


Fulbrook is a joyful, kind and hard-working community, where students, teachers, parents and carers enjoy learning, and flourish in an environment they love.

We do this through:

  • Being a school that is small enough for every young person to be known;

  • Values founded on: Aiming High, Working Hard and Being Kind,

      which every person – adult or child - champions inside and outside the school;

  • Celebrating the diversity of our community, ensuring everyone is and feels included;

  • A safe and secure environment, where any form of bullying or discrimination is not tolerated;

  • A culture of care, trust and listening to anyone who asks anyone else for help or support;

  • Space and time within the school and the day to pause, connect and be active;

  • Connecting to the surrounding communities, building positive relationships and sharing resources with, as well as the expertise of, local people and organisations;

  • Being a school for life, not just during the time of being a Fulbrook student, but forever – setting up young people for their future life.


Above all else, the learning and experiences offered by Fulbrook prioritise what our young people want to achieve and become.

We do this through:

  • Linking to local post-16 education institutions, to ensure the curriculum and outcomes are targeting the hopes and aspirations of our young people;

  • Offering work experience and volunteering opportunities to students, through an expanding portfolio of partnerships with local business and charities;

  • Building leadership skills that prepare young people, not just to participate but to influence their work, their relationships and their world;

  • Approaching wellbeing as an outcome in its own right, helping young people to enjoy life, through opportunities to explore and learn about resilience, mindfulness and the life skills needed to face the challenges they experience;

  • Celebrating the broader life-defining accomplishments of our young people, alongside their academic achievements.

 Equality Objectives

It is the school’s vision that every single young person who joins our school is offered all the opportunities to learn, experience and achieve what they need and want, to build a fulfilled life. This aim extends to our staff team.

Fulbrook stands against all forms of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or ability.

This is achieved through the following objectives:​

1. Monitor and promote of the involvement of all groups of students in the extracurricular life of the school, including leadership opportunities, seeking to ensure proportional representation;​

2. Actively work to narrow gaps in attainment and achievement between students and all groups of students; especially students eligible for free school meals, students with special educational needs and disabilities, looked after children and students from any minority group;
3. Continue to improve accessibility across the school for students, staff and visitors with disabilities, including access to specialist teaching areas – this will be most important in light of school expansion and the building of new facilities;

4. Endeavour to ensure diversity in the staff body and in leadership roles;
5. Monitor and respond to incidents of discriminatory behaviour, including that which is racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or sexist, by members of the school community, in an effort to reduce the number of such incidents;
6. Review relevant school policies to ensure they clearly reflect the school’s aims of inclusivity.

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