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GCSE Physics



Our science curriculum aims to: 

  1. Inspire and excite children about science and enable them to have a scientific understanding of the world around them.

  2. Develop an awareness of science and the scientific discoveries of our past, present, and future.

  3. Understand the uses and implications of science and explain everyday things with an application of the science they are taught, enabling them to become individuals empowered with a scientific dimension to their thinking (depth).

  4. Challenge and develop skills and knowledge and encourage scientific investigation as a means of developing conceptual understanding (substantive (facts) and disciplinary (skills) knowledge).

  5. Ensure progression using eclectic teaching methods, scaffolding/adaptation of tasks, a variety of means of assessment, through a wide range of writing, reading and oral methods of communication and using information technology.

We have set out our curriculum as a ‘learning journey’. A spiralling, yet ever-evolving curriculum where ideas and skills are consistently revisited and logically linked to current learning. Connections between topics and subjects are designed to ensure pupils have a broader understanding of the content being studied, helping them to make progress.

As a result of this approach, we aim to inspire continual progression from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 and to prepare our children for their transition to KS4 ready to study sciences up to and beyond GCSE.

Our curriculum has been designed to create the best opportunities for our children to learn and understand science, to cover the required sections of the National Curriculum, to attain the highest standards and to become future scientists. We want to prepare our children for a world we can’t envisage and arm them with a knowledge, skills and understanding of science which will allow them to choose to think, form their own ideas and opinions, and not just remember.

GCSE Physics Curriculum Overview - Year 10

fulbrook sci curriculum overview year 10 gcse physics 23 24.pdf

 GCSE Separate Science Information Sheet

gcse separate science.pdf

Click to download our GCSE Separate Science Information Sheet 

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