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In Key Stage Three during Years 7 and 8 children follow the mastery scheme of work developed by Ark. They study two Shakespeare plays, Oliver Twist, three stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Animal Farm by George Orwell, Ancient tales, poetry and a novel by Ian McEwan. They also complete a rhetoric unit. There is a strong emphasis on the understanding of language and on setting books in their historical context. Additionally we focus on grammar, impressing on the children the need to write accurately. Children are encouraged to read independently and time is given at the start of each lesson to encourage them to do so. Optional Class readers also support children in their reading for pleasure. Theatre trips, usually in the evening, are regularly on offer.  

In Year 9, children study a further Shakespeare play but this time in more detail. They also cover a Gothic Horror unit and read “The Woman in Black”. This very popular unit covers a range of text types, including film, and encourages children to explore a range of techniques used by writers and inspires children to improve their vocabulary and creative skills. Practice for GCSEs is given through use of AQA language books. We believe our curriculum sets children up well for their future study of English. 

English Curriculum Overviews

English Curriculum Overview for Year 7  English Curriculum Overview for Year 8 English Curriculum Overview for Year 9