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Fulbrook School

GCSE Geography


Geography provides an insight into the wonders and interrelationship of the human and physical world.

Fulbrook students begin the transition to GCSE during the summer term of year 9, following the AQA specification. This includes work on: the living world, the challenges of natural hazards, physical landscapes of the UK, our changing economic world, urban issues and challenges as well as resource management. There are compulsory fieldwork day trips in both years 10 and 11 to support their geographical applications paper and assist with decision making skills.

Building on prior knowledge from KS3, with in-depth examples of places around the world they will learn a plethora of subject specialist terms they can use confidently in a range of contexts, as well as develop the skills needed to become synoptic in their thinking and see global issues and our world for the complexity that it has.

Put simply, in Geography we aim to create an understanding and curiosity about the world we live in that will stay with students for the rest of their life.

GCSE Geography Curriculum Overviews

Geography Curriculum Overview for Year 10 Geography Curriculum Overview for Year 11 

GCSE Geography Learning Journey

Click to download our GCSE Geography Learning Journey 

GCSE Geography Information Sheet

Click to download our GCSE Geography Information Sheet