Parental Information



Parents are welcome to visit the school early on. They are invited throughout the year to many special events such as assemblies, concerts, educational evenings, Parent Forum, Parents’ Evenings, sports days, Welcome Evening, drama productions and PTA events. 

Parent Forum


We welcome comments from parents regarding all issues within school and understand that sometimes there are views that you wish to express in confidence.

For this purpose we have included a direct email form below for you to express your views. 

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Parent Mail


All families are encouraged to sign up to use the ‘ParentMail’ school email and text system. This system links with the ‘PlusPay’ payment system for trips, events etc. A verification email request will be sent home to families when your child joins. You will receive all letters, texts and communications securely and be kept informed. A half-termly newsletter is produced. 

Parents' Evenings


Parents’ Evenings are arranged so that you have the opportunity of meeting staff to discuss your child’s progress. However, if you have any immediate concerns about your child then please do not hesitate to contact the school. The best person to contact is the child’s form tutor in the first instance. The homework diary is very useful for sending brief messages to members of staff. 



If there are complaints regarding aspects of the school we sincerely hope and believe that these would be resolved quickly and satisfactorily through consultation and discussion. We ask that parents do not post messages on social media, as the school can deal more effectively and swiftly with queries or concerns that are made directly. The nature of the complaint will determine who is the best person within the school to receive and deal with it. View our Complaints Policy here.

Fulbrook PTA


All parents, carers, staff and friends of the school are members of Fulbrook Parent Teacher Association and are welcome at any of our meetings.  We aim to help to bring the school community together, by organising events and supporting school life in a variety of ways.


Our committee meets regularly to plan and organise fundraising events for Fulbrook.  The more people who get involved the more we can do to have a thriving and active school community,supporting our children to make the most of their time here at Fulbrook.

Committee Members

Chairperson - Catherine Wilkins

Vice Chair -  Susan Fern-Ringsell

Treasurer - Louisa Thomas

Secretary - Sarah Pillar

School Contact - Angela Goodwin/Bev Ward

We know all parents are busy but if you do have some time ...

  • Attend a PTA meeting

  • Volunteer to help at the next event

  • Let us know your ideas and thoughts on fundraising 

How to get in touch with our PTA

Watch out for our newsletter, Parentmail updates and/or join our email group on:



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What to do if you have a complaint

Make contact with the school, preferably in writing, detailing the nature of the complaint. In the first instance, address your concern to your child’s form tutor. They will quickly determine the person best placed to deal with your need. This may be the Head of Year, Deputy 

Headteacher, Headteacher or Chair of Governors. 

1st Contact

2nd Contact

3rd  Contact

4th Contact

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