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Information, Computing and Communication Technology



Our Computing suite houses state-of-the-art computer equipment including 30 computers.


Our Computing suite also allows the children access to digital cameras, video cameras, the internet, scanners and CD ROM burning facilities.  There are also computers in each classroom; a bank of six in our library and some additional PCs in Science Lab 1; a wireless network and interactive whiteboards in most of our classrooms.


Our Computing curriculum is designed to provide stimulating and exciting Computing activities, which develop the children’s skills, recognising that their prior experience of computers is very varied.


Skills learnt during the first two years at Fulbrook include the use of word processors, desktop publishing, website design, graphic and photo manipulation and the recording of video and sounds onto the computers. Pupils also learn about the use of spreadsheets and use the computers to design rooms and simulate larger computer systems.


In Years 7 and 8, further work is undertaken which builds on these skills.  Projects include a fully costed Tea Room plan in Year 7, where the children plan out a new café, complete with menus, pricings, layout and advertising.  In Year 8, the pupils’ final project involves them in preparing a CD of their time at Fulbrook.

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It is expected that homework set should take no longer

than 20 minutes (Years 5 & 6) or 30 minutes  (Years 7&8)

to complete.  In addition to the tasks set out by the

timetable, we request that children read or are read to

daily for 15 minutes.

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