Diary of Planned Excursions and Visits

Visits are made to various places of interest as an integral part of the children's studies in school. Some are within walking distance while others are further afield. In addition to the visits which are organised, a number of individuals and organisations visit the school to talk to and entertain the children. 

Children enjoy their visits enormously, but it must be understood that complete co-operation and high standards of behaviour are expected at all times in the interest of the safety and good of all concerned. 

In terms of charging for school visits, we will naturally make every attempt to keep costs to a minimum (please see our website for our policy on charges and remission of charges for school activities). Regarding remission of charges, parents should know that if they are in receipt of income support or family credit they may not, in the case of extended visits, be charged for board and lodging expenses. They will therefore be exempted from these. Under the Education Act of 1988, education which takes place during school hours should be free of charge.


Although we may not charge for visits during this time, we are sure that you will appreciate that, while there is no obligation to contribute, if we did not ask for and receive voluntary contributions to cover the cost of such visits, it would not be possible for them to take place.


Pupils who are eligible for ‘Pupil Premium’ funding will be offered support towards the cost of additional activities and visits. 

Some educational and fun visits which have taken place during 

Diary of Planned Excursions and Visits
for current school year

22 Sep 2019

23rd - 27th September 2019

Y7 Residential Trip to France

13 Dec 2019

13th December 2019

Y8 Day Trip to Christmas Market, Lille

19th - 24th January 2020

Y8 Residential Trip to Blue Peris, Snowdonia

04 Jun 2020

5th - 7th June 2020

Y6 Gratham Water weekend (approximately £175 payable in instalments)

14 Jun 2020

15th - 19th June 2020

Y5 Derbyshire Residential Trip

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In addition, there are times when the normal timetable is suspended.

  • Activity and Super Learning Days

          On these days teachers provide a range of lively and interesting activities not               normally covered by the curriculum. 

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